“A Nod to the Nationals” Results Now Available…

The results from last weekend’s Autocross by our R.E. Dave Lehrschall have been posted at http://sirscca.org/event-results/current-season-autocross-results/ 

Thank you all for the great turnout!

Our next autocross will be July 10th, again at the MAAC(Lawrenceville) and the Event Marshal is Terry Davis.

“Sweet and Spicy” Rally Results are in!

Our largest amount of entrants (12!) had a wonderful afternoon at the “Sweet and Spicy” Rally on June 5th, 2016. Results are now posted at http://sirscca.org/event-results/current-season/ for your perusal. There will be 5 trophy winners from this rally alone for the July 12th Membership Meeting at Smitty’s on Franklin Street in Evansville!

May 2016 Pit Stop and Rally #2 of 7 Results posted…

The latest edition of Pit Stop is now available online at http://sirscca.org/pit-stop/

Print version should be arriving shortly for those of you who receive a paper copy.

Results for the “Baskett Case IV” from Terry and Bob have been posted online at http://sirscca.org/event-results/current-season/

Patch Party Pics

2016 Bonus Program Changes and Introductory Opportunities

Autocross Bonus Program Changes:
Last May, the board made changes to the Autocross Bonus Program in hopes of encouraging more people to participate in more work events. Here’s how it goes:
1 worked day will earn 1 at-cost entry to an event (a savings of approximately $17).
2 worked days will unlock the Autocross Bonus Program Achievement! (Giving an extra scored run in each autocross heat for the year).
3 or more worked days will earn both an at-cost entry and participation in the bonus program.
As in previous years, ‘reconnaissance’ and ‘cut’ days do not count as workdays.

Mark your calendars! April’s patch party dates are our only scheduled workdays:
April 10, 17, and 18 (25 Alternate) at Mid-American Air Center: Lawrenceville–Vincennes International Airport

Introductory Opportunities:
On March 20, we held the first of three preparatory driving events for our 2016 season.
Bob Sonntag lead novices and experienced Ralliers alike through the basics and finer points of rallying.
It was a beautiful day for driving, and a great class. Thanks Bob, and all who attended. I had fun!

There are two more Introductory Opportunities coming up on March 5th that everyone needs to be aware of:
Solo Safety Steward Training: Saturday, March 5, 9:00 a.m. at the Evansville Central Library
Paul Dornburg will train folks to become Solo safety stewards.
Autocross School: Saturday, March 5, 12:30 p.m. at the Central Library
Dave Lehrschall and local autocross experts will share the finer points of setting up an
autocross car, classing it, driving it, and scoring.
Please take advantage of these opportunities!

Upcoming Meetings:
The March 1st Board Meeting will move to: Cihoals, Inc. 3700 Bell Rd. Newburgh, In. 5:30-7:45 P.M.
All are invited, but please RSVP to: Paul Blaylock: events@sirscca.org, 812-567-FIAT
The March 8th General Membership Meeting is unchanged: Smitty’s Italian Restaurant & Steakhouse: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

If you want it done “right”, do it yourself!
I’m now assigning Rally-Masters and Autocross Event Marshalls for our 2016 Season.
Keep in mind, all designers and assistants earn full points for that event.
I would would also like to schedule Safety Stewards as far ahead as possible.
Please contact Paul Blaylock: events@sirscca.org, 812-567-FIAT, to claim your dates.

2016 Bonus Program Changes and Introductory Opportunities