Nov. 29th Event Marshall needed.

We’re officially on for our Nov. 29th Roberts Park Autocross. Please respond if you want to design this one. If you have some idea to test, or just want to stand out as a fun Event Marshall this is your chance.

Things are moving fast, I hope you are too.
With the final Rally points posted, all points for our 2015 season are now in! Awards are on their way to the trophy house, targeting our Dec. 4 Banquet. The time window for changes is almost closed.

I hope to see you there.
+Paul Blaylock

Roberts Park Autocross Nov. 29th is Official!

Terry notified me today that he has completed the reservation of the Roberts Park site for Sunday, November 29th.

The Roberts Park event will be a fun event – no Berry or Autocross points. Please note that we won’t have any space available for trailers so plan to bring a car that you can drive to the site. We have been asked to avoid parking on the grass so make sure you keep your car on the pavement.

Also, we have to be careful about the noise levels at Roberts Park so that we can continue to use the site. If you have a loud car, I recommend that you take measures to reduce the exhaust noise for the event or bring a different car.

Here’s the schedule (all times Central):

08:00 AM – Course Setup

09:30 AM – 10:30 AM – Tech

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM – Registration

11:15 AM – Instructed Course Walk

11:45 AM – Drivers Meeting

12:00 PM – First Car Off

Thanks, Terry, for taking care of the site reservation. Hope to see you all there!

Matt Beasley


Cancellation – November 15th Autocross

The November 15, SIR fun Autocross at the old Robert’s Stadium parking lot has been cancelled!

We are working on an event scheduled for November 29, however we are waiting on confirmation from the facility management.

Please continue to check the SIR group posts. There should be a confirmation or a cancellation notice posted no later than Wednesday afternoon, November 25th.


September Points Update

By now Pitstop is in your hands…You may have noticed that the Berry Points were not updated correctly.

Sorry Gang, This omission is on me, your humble Activities Chair.

Up to date points through the end of September may be found on our website here:

+Paul B.

P.S. Please get those travelling trophies to me ASAP for their year end updates and a little polish.




TMMI Pictures

Sunday’s Autocross at the TMMI plant was well attended by both club workers and TMMI employees.

From Dave Lehrschall:

Yesterday, seemed to go very well at the Toyota autocross event. We had a very good turnout of SIR members, who spent the day working to insure the TMMI event was safe and lots of fun. Comments were positive and several focused on the professional way our SIR organization went about putting on the event.

Several TMMI drivers indicated a desire to participate from time to time in our SIR autocross events or to think about joining the SIR. They also seemed eager to start planning another TMMI event.

Rain shorted a fun run session after the main event, but many of our members got a chance to run the course several times.

It was fun watching, but I’m getting psyched-up for our autocross event this Sunday. I believe it’s the last autocross points event of the season. I think that I’ve moved ahead of Cone Donkey for 12th position (mainly because the blue cone plow has been parked). I’ve been unsuccessfully chasing Jr. Crowe and Jim Cannon on PAX for several events and always behind by just a bit. I’m trying to copy Jim’s smooth, but fast time and Jr’s delicate use of the throttle for steering control. Maybe this will be the weekend.

Don’t forget, Sunday, October 4, at Lawrenceville’s MAAC.


Rally #5 of 7 Results…

The latest results from Terry Davis’ “The Prisoner Recaptured” Rally on August 16th have been posted here.

Results were very tight point-wise with 4 of the 5 competitors being within 32 points of each other between 119 and 151.

That 5th competitor’s score should not be scoffed at, as they turned in a rather impressive score for their first rally. Jeff Schindler and Brad Burkhart, had messed up the third leg with a 601, but otherwise would have had best time of the day as their worst leg, was a 12 and had two(2) ones and a ZERO!

Congratulations to Matt Beasley and Ben Davis for squeaking out a win in A just barely in front of Stephen Yockey and Dave Lehrschall. But a big congratulations to Ernie and Sue Roales for winning not only class B, but also arriving closest to the rallymaster’s perfect time with a 119 overall. Proving once again, that all the bells and whistle in A do not necessarily add up to an overall win.

The Prisoner’s Farewell Rally Results…

The results from June 28th, 2015’s rally “The Prisoner’s Farewell” Rally from Bob Sonntag and Terry Davis are now available at:

It looks as though there will be at least one team that will be receiving a Zero bar so far at August’s Membership Meeting at The Log Inn. (Because Scorpio’s is closed…) Maybe another team can manage a zero leg at July 26th’s “Ice Cream Rally” in Owensboro to make Matt spend even more money he could have instead put on his new house!

Don’t forget though, that July’s Membership Meeting returns to it’s regularly scheduled location of Smitty’s Italian Steakhouse on Franklin St. in Evansville in less than two weeks on July 14th. We will be presenting trophies for Don Kelley’s rally and Terry Davis’ autocross that evening.